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Thursday, July 7, 2011

About the move

Well it took me long enough but I finally uncovered my camera cable so that I can update my blog.  Packing the house was traumatic, I had to fit the entire physical contents of my life into this truck:

We overestimated how much we could fit in the truck and had to give away a small apartment worth of stuff, it was probably for the best, but it was hard.

Our dog Izzy, knew we were leaving and she was watching us like a hawk to make sure we didn't leave her.  She sat by the car to be sure.
In case you are wondering the car made the trip ok, it looks pretty loaded down there.  The dogs rode with us in the cab of the rental truck.  This picture might give you an idea of how tightly we were packed in the truck.

Everybody got caught up on cuddle time. 

So if it wasn't bad enough that we were driving from Tennessee to California jam packed into the cab of a rental truck,  Bryant decided to make the trip more interesting by driving it straight.  Let that sink in a little.  38 hours, like 5 square feet, 2 big dogs, and us. . .it was great.  here are some pics of the stuff we saw.
Wind farm

a bunch of nothing

Sadly, a big cow farm.

and a giant cross somewhere in Texas.
  We drove by some prettier stuff but apparently I was too captivated to take pictures.  We are now settled into our temporary home in California, so far its been great!