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Monday, August 22, 2011

KRU curtains

The lovely ladies at the KRU asked me to make some curtains for their salon.  The primary goal was to cut down on the blazing summer heat so I recommended that they buy some blackout lining.  It really made a difference.  As usual, my picture taking gives you an opportunity to use your imagination.
I made 5 panels.  

Closer shot of 3 panels.

Three of the panels were make in this purple crinkly stuff with blackout lining.  Do you like the chain tie backs?  It was my husband's idea and it totally goes with their look.

Two panels were in this luscious grey velvety stuff, also lined with blackout fabric.

I made a balloon curtain for the side window.  They don't get as much direct sunlight so its more of a valance look.

 I'm glad I got to work with KRU because they are super cool.  If you live in California you should check them out.

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