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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pepper Window Painting

I have mentioned my amazing neighbors a few times on the blog.  I could go on forever about their amazingness but it's probably better that you just take my word for it, like Tony the Tiger, they're great.

So at some point in the past few years the above mentioned neighbors came back from a yard sale with a bunch of old window panes for me to paint on.  The windows were 'vintage',  kind of torn up and full of flavor, they made great canvases. 

Its been a while since I picked up a paint brush but I wanted to do something for my neighbors since they are always doing nice stuff for me.  I decided this is as good a time as any to start painting again.  Debby likes Fiesta dishes so she needed something bright to go with her bright kitchen.

Party in the kitchen!

I decided on a simple, pepper themed painting.  Debby's kitchen wall is a burnt sienna kind of color so you have to imagine it against that background.  When she hung it up I was pleased to see that the painted peppers cast a shadow, it gives it some nice depth.  One painting doesn't even begin to repay all the amazing stuff they have done for us but I was glad to be able to do Something.

Peppers on a pane

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