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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fabric Shopping!

Its really sad how happy the biannual sale at Textile Fabrics makes me, I already have far too much fabric.  I might have to put myself on a fabric shopping freeze after this, I'll get back to you on that.  In my defense, all the fabric in the store was 50% off and the remnants were 75% off . . . 

As always I had a blast looking through their stuff.  The fabric did not come with a free quarter, I added it so you can see how big the prints are.

Item #1 is from the remnants, I think I am going to use it to recreate this awesome linen dress I had a few years ago.  A friend borrowed it for her honeymoon and I never got it back.  Sad face.  Also, that isn't a pink spot, its the flash.
Item #1: white linen. 

I bought this fabric thinking of my nephew.  Maybe a romper or a shirt or something?  I kind of have a thing for masculine prints.

Item #2 Aliens or Molecules?

This is a dress for my sister.  I'm thinking a summer dress with a sweetheart neckline.  It has the colors in our native flag (Woot Woot Argentina) and its super cute albeit a bit morbid, am i the only one who thinks the flowers are bleeding?

This is an Anna Maria Horner print and I just had to have it.  The color in this pic isn't reading quite right, the background is a beautiful purple.  I'm not sure what this will become but I might have vintage caftan pattern laying around. . .

Jailbird outfit?  I bought this because I wanted to make something out of a knit fabric and this read sophisticated to me (for a knit) until someone asked me if I was going to prison.

And the pies de resistance: I call this one 'vintage ladies'!  I think this will become a purse.  It was too fun to pass up (Especialy at 50%off).

The End.

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