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Monday, February 21, 2011

Angela's Pillows

My friend Angela asked me to make her some throw pillows for her couch.  A few weeks ago we took a trip to Sirs to pick out the fabrics.  This was an interesting challenge for me because Angela's taste is much more conservative and traditional than mine, I was surprised that I really liked the fabric we picked out.  The problem came when we started looking for pillow forms.  Pillow forms are expensive!  If anyone knows where to buy reasonably priced, good quality pillow forms please let me know.  I know that I am revealing the depths of my cheapness but buying 4 pillow forms at $10-$20 a piece really kills my budget.  In my head I was thinking that Angela could go buy a store throw pillow  for $10 or even less so I want the cost of the pillows to be around $10 each.  I ended up buying 4 clearance pillows for $17 total, luckily they were all zippered so I just took the pillow forms out and used them, no demolition required. 

I made envelope pillows so that the covers could be washed.  I measured the pillow forms and cut the fabric one inch bigger than the measurement.  For the back side I added 8 inches to the pillow form measurement and then cut it in half. Here are the finished products.

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