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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kitchen Floors

Taking before pictures is not my strong suit, at least I get 'in progress' shots. 

Bryant called me one day to tell me he had ripped out some of the carpet in the house.  I was pleasantly surprised, we have two dogs and I was getting sick of having to clean the carpet all the time.  I didn't take the first picture until he had already ripped out the carpet, cleaned up the floor and stained the concrete the same color as the rest of the kitchen.  It looked something like this.

You can see how the color isn't exactly consistent across the floor.  I had this great idea to buy a couple of other colors of concrete stain to try to spice it up a little.  I was thinking I could get it to look like stone.  So we bought this.

You might look at this picture and think that I am crazy.  You might be right.  I was too traumatized during the process to take pictures.  Here is what happened.  We bought two cheap sponges for a dollar, they were about 8"x5".  I thought this part was actually kind of brilliant.  Bryant 'distressed' the sponges with a razor blade so they looked more like a natural (and more expensive) sponge.  I started with the red stain and sponged a few sections of the kitchen floor. 
I think we knew from the beginning that this was a disaster.  It looked like a scene out of Dexter
I let it dry for about an hour, maybe it will dry darker? 
After an hour not much had changed but out of blind optimism and desperation I decided to continue.  I can't really defend my actions here, since the first coat of red paint looked bad I decided that I should just sponge the entire floor with the crime scene evidence. 
Needless to say, that plan failed. After it dried Bryant and I were both feeling despondent. 
I know what will help, lets sponge it all green!  Green paint on top of ugly red paint, that's a great plan, it wont look at all like a failed 4th grade Christmas craft.  At this point we went to sleep, hoping we would wake up to find this had all been a bad dream.  The next morning, there was the floor.  
The happy ending is that Bryant painted it all red.  It looked amazing.

Yay Pretty Floors.

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